Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm so not a technologically minded person...

I'm so not a technologically minded person. I'd rather sit in a fluffy chair (or under a tree, on the front steps, on a stool in the kitchen, on the edge of the bathtub––almost anywhere, actually) and read a real live, paper pages, outside-light-source-needed book than ever swype to change pages, figure out the latest programs, coolest social media sites or try to remember my passwords for itunes, Amazon or––I forget the others. Yet, although I've had a facebook account for a while, I've recently opened a twitter account, tumblr account and have begun blogging (See? Like now.).

The thing is, I will soon be a Debut Author (add flourish of trumpets here).  Sometime in August of this year, my first novel, Hadley-Hadley Benson (if Covenant decides to keep that title (fingers crossed)), will launch and I'm excited to get the word out. I can't wait to share my story with people and find out what they think, although it's all a little terrifying. Because, writing a novel is personal, and hard.

I belabor every thought, phrase and paragraph. I'm constantly characterizing, plotting, foraging for the perfect word, and rewriting. It's such a love/hate relationship but, in spite of the difficulty, I can't seem to help it. There's always––always––something cool about creating a new world. I love my fictional characters and find myself wondering what they're up to once the work is finished. The  marketing though … sheesh. It's already so about technology. I've had to email my manuscript, forms and photo (Jamie, you rock!), edit edits on the computer––and all in the proper format (what?). The book's not even out yet!

The miracle is that I'm getting it––slowly. Thank heavens for family members––especially my cheerleading husband and smarter than I am children, an incredible, generous and helpful critique group, a very patient editor, and countless, tip sharing tech-type people that share over the internet. I could never, ever do it on my own. People are awesome!

So, there are a lot of new things yet to learn during this publishing adventure, and I look forward to sharing the news about my new book, but it's hard work having your brain re-wired for technology and all its wonder. I might need to curl up with a good, bound book and then take a nap.

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  1. I can NOT wait! I have a spot on my shelf waiting for Hadley.
    And I hear you. Painful, torturous, but necessary, and fufilling. You're fantastic.